About Me

This Blog is about photos I’ve found on the street.

What makes a found photograph to be so interesting? Why is so atractive to watch moments of other people lifes?

When I see this pictures it makes me ask myself where are they now? what happend with them? are they still alive? do the couples still live together? do the friends still keep in touch? where they happy?

It would be incredible if somebody on this pictures find this blog and tells me more about the story behind this photographs.

The most impressive photofounding happend almost 2 years ago. I was getting to my job at Lavapies, Madrid (Spain) and suddenly I see what it look like a photograph lab album sticking out from a huge paper recycling bin. When I leaned down to pick it up I found a bunch underneath. The are photos of US people from the 80´s, all young friends of the photographer.

You can find me on Youtube, Vimeo, Instagram,Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest & Tumblr. Just click on the social media symbols on your right 🙂

Blog by artist Zoltan Enevold



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